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What's new in iOS 11

Mobilcom mobile gadgets 16.08.2017 at 05:45

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A couple of weeks as iOS 11 available for beta testing, but since this option acquaintance with the new operating system is associated with certain risks such as the deterioration of the speed and problems with the charge, not all users are ready for it.

However, the new operating system from Apple, includes a number of improvements about which it is necessary to tell. With the installation of iOS 11 iPad functionality is closer to a full-fledged laptop or even computer. But this opinion is shared by only 34% of users. The others still don't consider the iPad a full-fledged workstation.

as for iPhone, here we can see the changes in Control Center, whole new UI for the App Store, a huge number of new animations, a new functionality into Health, new app in Podcasts, changes in communications and many other things. More changes you can see in the video.


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