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IPad Pro with a diagonal of 10.5 inches, view?

Mobilcom mobile gadgets 16.08.2017 at 05:45

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If the previous iPad was unique for its price, the new iPad Pro is unique because of its size. The model will come in three versions: with a diagonal of 10.5 and 12.9 inches and unconventional 10.5 version we turn our attention now.


If you pick up a classic iPad with a diagonal of 9.7 and 10.5, you probably will not feel a significant difference, but from the point of view of the image, and the difference is astonishing. Producers managed to increase the screen by 20%, practically without changing the external dimensions.

To the model in the 10.5 inches you can also purchase a keyboard that is qualitatively different from previous models.


RAM 4 GB, processor 10X Fusion six-core, 4K video, the new Retina screen, which reduces the amount of glare, high-speed response of the image, which greatly improves the performance of the Apple Pencil.

the CPU with six cores allows to allocate tasks and thereby save battery and work for 10 hours in WiFi mode. 4 GB of RAM will allow you to download more apps and new versions of iOS.


In this section, we talk about the improved graphics, brightness and resistance to glare. Technology ProMotion makes the screen of the new tablet even more good. All these new technologies cannot be described in words, it is better to see with your own eyes. Most interesting is that we, the users even do not notice these improvements until we see screens of an older generation, where there are all these bells and whistles. Screen ProMotion also allows you to conserve battery, in those moments when the image on the screen is static.

the Improvement in Apple Pencil

Through technology ProMotion resolved delays that occurred when Apple Pencil drawing. Thus drawing on the tablet now a more natural process, almost like on paper. It does not need to update the pencil to achieve amazing results.

Camera, Touch ID and USB 3

the First camera on different models of iPad Pro are the same and it's rear camera in 12 megapixeles and a front camera 7 megapixels. Both devices are also equipped with 4 speakers that give stereo sound.

the New Touch ID sensor 2, which we have already seen in the iPhone, now debuted on the iPad Pro. USB 3, SD Card Reader, adapters for the camera — all this allows you to quickly allows you to copy huge photos and videos on the memory card.


the New iPad Pro 10.5 inches, certainly will not replace your personal computer or laptop, but if you choose your tablet, pay attention to this very worthy model. Still in doubt? Check out the video...


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