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"Captains: Legends of the Oceans": ocean adventures

Mobilcom mobile gadgets 16.08.2017 at 05:46

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The Era of sailing ships of interest to many users. However, the developers rarely produce these games. What is the reason hard to say. But when major projects about sailing vessels and the romance of Maritime adventure is still out, many in a hurry to read it.

On mobile devices game about sailing ships also do not occur often. In fact, on the virtual shelves App Store and Google Play can't find more than a dozen successful projects. And in some of them there is practically no content.

the Game Captains: Legends of the Oceans, which recently released Chinese company Borrete, on the contrary offers users a huge number of different classes. In it players will be able to become the head of a small fleet, to feel the Governor of the island, to trade, to participate in large-scale battles of the sailing, etc.

However start still have with the development of your small town. Without it, users will not be able to build your fleet or to raise money for its financing, or improve the equipment of their ships. Without a "strong" cities also it is not necessary to dream of a career of a trader.

So initially, players will have to organize production of basic resources – wood, iron, gunpowder, canvas and gold. All it will take to construct and upgrade buildings, research new technologies, construction and repair of new ships.

by the Way, "the Captains: Legends of the Oceans" users will have to wait for a lot of different ships. They can be divided four classes – corvettes, dreadnoughts, battleships and cruisers. In this case, each additional modifications (from easy to super-hard) and their unique characteristics. Some have sufficient margin of safety, others have more damage, others are able to attack all ships on the battlefield, etc.

as for naval battles, they are in the "Captains: Legends of the Oceans" quite a lot. In battles with enemy fleets, players can earn experience, to get valuable items to improve vehicles, bonuses for the city, etc. the Powerful fleet also come in handy for trips to neighbouring Islands, which can live other players and placed a variety of resources.

with the development of users will be able to join one of the clans. Membership opens to the players a lot of different possibilities. For example, members of one clan can help each other with the construction of buildings. However, with this clan also gives players access to new jobs, more rewards and a large-scale naval battles, which involved dozens of real players.

the advantages of the "Captains: Legends of the Oceans" can also be attributed, and quite dynamic gameplay. Despite the fact that the game is something average between classic mobile urban simulation, sailing arcade game and MMO developers have tried to assemble in your project cons of these genres. In particular, users do not need to be long to develop your city, and to wait to accumulate resources and build buildings. Players can get access to all the main gaming sessions, from campaign to clan battles – just a few hours.

the Second big plus "the Captains: Legends of the Oceans" is the graphics. Externally, the game looks quite good. However, the first time it may seem that the game interface is a little cluttered with different icons, buttons, and stickers. You get used to it. Besides reminders and stickers are not let you miss important events, some of which are only once a day. For example, in clan battles can participate only in the evening.

One of the main disadvantages of this project can be called the mechanics of sea battles. Alas, in "Captains: Legends of the Oceans", the user does not give direct control over your fleet. Players can only place your ships on the battlefield and to improve their performance. But the battle takes place without user intervention, and its outcome depends more likely not on the skills of the Admiral of the fleet, and the strength of the ships.

In the end it is worth noting that the download "Masters: Legends of the Oceans" in the App Store and Google Play for free. In the game there is a VIP account and shop with variety of goods. But the developers absolutely do not force users to invest in the game real money. Due to the rather "fat" daily bonuses and rewards, players will receive little of the paid products totally free.


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