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To buy late, sell early

MQL5: Blogs Traders 17.08.2017 at 16:46

Blogs traders and analyst of financial markets

So, on Thursday, the Euro-dollar pair showed very atypical for her volatility within the day. Almost the whole day since morning the pair tried to break the mark 1.17, movements with a size of 30-50 points here and there the level was literally syassen, and this without any news about it. It seemed that it bears on the Euro-dollar pair moved in a decisive attack, and despite desperate resistance of the bulls, the level of 1.17 is about to collapse completely. For the bulls on the Euro techcetera was very unpleasant, but it was just theatrics. One hour before the publication of the minutes of the last meeting of the fed game of “cat and mouse” was finished, the Euro-dollar bounced back sharply to 1.1740, and after the publication of the news – to 1.1785. In our opinion, the trampling of about 1.17 made sense only one – to entice more speculators to sell the Euro, then growth to 1.20 and above would support the triggering of stops on the positions of these speculators. Again, we expect that until the end of August, the Euro-dollar will show the last chord