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Question: on the Mat.

Video Nicolai 18.08.2017 at 07:36

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On the Mat (well, here in the question the question is on the Mat, that now do not hesitate, and so on and so forth, even children and the like, and the women, well, unfortunately it's really the culture we have greatly raised right? at least before I remember when we were little if someone was swearing of the men near, my father went and demanded an end to say "women and children", if the person did not stop well ... helped to understand, say so and the first time the floor Mat in my presence, I heard from my father when I was an adult and he was drunken and that he allowed himself, I think this is correct, mate — it's not only if anyone knows a little energy, it really is a blow any word is valid per person understands or not, and to say the word Mat do they destroy the integrity of the energetic protection of man, strike, so that if anyone feels that any word Mat this is equivalent as a slap hit very strongly, so that one can feel, but many people don't feel it, but that does not mean it is not happening, is a powerful blow destroys the integrity of the system, that is a kind of destruction of a person, so if people are going to understand it all, then I think to explain it many people will think before talking, swearing and so forth, in the presence of children and so on, so that's really here think that's when like my father behaved in the presence of children and women in the word Mat is unacceptable, well, I think I like his life was done without this vocabulary and you know, I understood all, from soldiers where I served in the army and to the commanders, oddly enough all fine understood, and worked at the plant right after school, that is everywhere, had to be in different social systems and layers everywhere and perfectly understood everything without words Mata and it seems that no type is not madernassa people do not realize — nonsense on vegetable oil, all can be normal and so on and so forth, it's just imposed, what really destroyed and so on, so Mat it should be excluded).