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The foreign exchange market. The ruble was ready to grow

Forex Club 17.08.2017 at 19:28

Ruble once again behaved like clockwork throughout the day, reaching a predicted level of 59.00 and making an attempt to breach this level. The fact that the closing of the trading day occurred below this level already looks promising.

in addition, additional terms and conditions support demand for the Russian currency remains the peak of tax payments and the weakening of the dollar in connection with a reduction of geopolitical risks and a split in the camp administration trump.

And even oil, which is firmly held above $ 50.00./Barr. and has the potential to go up. Saudi Arabia, the largest oil exporter in the world, for example, in June shipped minimum 3 years amounts of energy.

the Volume of exports fell by 6.9 million barrels a day until at least September of 2014 from 6.92 million in may. Domestic reserves amounted to 256,6 million barrels, the lowest since January 2012. This creates conditions for further strengthening of Brent, with the immediate goal at the level of 52.00 USD./Barr.

This will create the conditions for the fall of the USD/ RUB to 58,60.

Warning: Profitability in the past does not mean profitability in the future. Any projections are for informational purposes and do not guarantee results.

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