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Question: Offer for let each of the participants will create a page on the Internet, etc. and will disseminate information, etc.

Video Nicolai 21.08.2017 at 10:19

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On the Internet and the dissemination of knowledge (well, first I think that many already do, many are already doing, but unfortunately not too many can afford, not many have the Internet, not many people can afford, many places are still not Internet access and even a here download even where there is the Internet, where high-speed Internet, even here the record of the meeting they have to download half day and whole day, what the speed is very small, but when you consider that failures are, we have several times and so on, unfortunately still in our country as they say the Internet is not very widespread yet, but those who can naturally why no one on the contrary encouraged, to say please, it's just not always so simple, but it's not, if you wish, everyone can do it of course).