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Question: Could you test my sensitivity to reorganization of the brain?

Video Nicolai 22.08.2017 at 07:38

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understanding the Foundation of proper development and the dangers (well, first now, I do not do as they say no seminars, no school for beginners, what is the point now to check the sensitivity, if nothing followed? that's when the time will come when you really will have the opportunity to create a school, but first do need to understand without understanding will not help neither a good sensitivity nor a reorganization of the brain, because if for example, let's say, if a man give to the computer, and he doesn't know how to read and write, for example, will benefit from this? well relatively so, no benefit will be, but the computer-that is correct, and what would a man with this computer do not skillfully to read and write? well, despite what the computer in one case to crack nuts, in the other case something that is going to happen, so in order to give the restructuring of the brain is the same, it is necessary that people have learned to read and write conventionally .. what should be trained in the correct understanding and as practice shows, if only to educate children from the start by investing well correct position Foundation — it goes correctly, easily, and if the person is already formed, it is very difficult even he wants although this and wanting him very difficult to reconstruct yourself, it is very difficult to dislodge something that is inherent, to be replaced by another, it is possible but it takes a long time and as practice, so while that's not the school which I have spoken, while the time has not come yet, so to say a person can just really build your new Foundation at least for the books that I write, I give this Foundation and learn, because without understanding this, and in addition you need not only my books, even the same anatomy, physiology, the pathology, that's why I talk about these things? because in order to work, one must learn to operate even after the computer will need that the person is able to read and write conventionally again, let's just say, he was given the computer, it does not mean that immediately he immediately starts to work, it needs to know what program is open, as it is like to work in it, what the problem is, he needs to learn all this, right? and only after that he will be better or worse depending on individual talent to use the computer if he does not master these programs, not know how program how do they work their ability, and even computer the ability to read and write would be of little help, therefore, such discipline is necessary to study and why? because that's even working with one person, it's like they say people will learn for example how to use the potential of how to manage threads, how is everything, because the methods of cleaning the same, only the scale is changing, and if the person is not able to at this microscale to work, it is impossible to take and immediately learn everything, it will not work, and that's how I was I have practice in America for a long time I watched people say "here, take the simplest problem, assume the same peptic ulcer disease", why? it is very easily determined and can very quickly check the result, that is, two weeks if it's just an ulcer, not related to dysfunction of the cerebral cortex, there are, but it's more complex, it is rarely found, it is removed in two weeks does not leave any traces of anthrax, anything so really just saying "here, take and work so and so", and know no, everyone wanted to take some kind of serious illness, serious and nobody wanted to take such a minor, and why? because I want to know immediately on the white horse General and command forward, and so on, but in General you can only know how? to pull becoming a General, which means that if the connections became General, stars hanged, if such a General release in a functioning situation, that he will do a General, will he? nah, only if it happens to be that the man has talent, and such an accident happen often? no, therefore we need training, training is really the simplest techniques, why? for example very easily the same ulcer to detect, then the test can be performed and people can test and work for two weeks to understand, whether he acts or not, if nothing happened, so what did I do wrong? but I'll try here, try here, try until, until you get a result, and through this approach, suppose a man works with one person for healing, he will gain insight into how and how to control the flow, the ratio I now see the program again, it's all right, as they say the program has created man and thinks that if he created a program, it would necessarily happen, unfortunately it is not, from creating a correct program to implement it before Mars say here, well let say that, you know because it's one thing to create a hologram, what you want to do, everything becomes the way I want, it doesn't get, it's just you assuming something, and that if man made it, everything is okay, really nothing happened, he misleads and introduces others astray, well, with the treatment of a person for example was the ulcer and the ulcer remained, well, the man didn't suffer from it, right? but if a person with such a misunderstanding of this will come to something more serious, thinking that something happened, and really nothing has been done, or intervene in something not realizing what it will lead to disaster, serious accident, many people have heard that when people are faced with alien ships, heard of such cases right? when people try or car and so on to be approached, the car cuts out, then they will paralyze the traffic, you did, huh? why do you think it's done? but because many spaceships nenashensky shall we say, telepathically controlled, and the ship is a quasi-living organism, this kind of in most cases, it has a certain intelligence, a pretty wide range of artificial intelligence with great potential, it is the scanning that gets close is scan and understand, and this creature is alive not ready for penetration inside the bar, making the alarm? goes first a telepathic signal "stop or I'll shoot", as you know as a surveillance object in the army "stop or I'll shoot", n if the psychic being can perceive, it will hear it will think, and most likely turn and if the creature is telepathic information does not take and continues to move forward? this is perceived as aggression, and initially locked the vehicle, let's just go deaf motors, man as they say is locked it can not move and so on, but someone is still a skunk pass time with your chest, this is already considered unacceptable and not because this person is as they say as they say enemy, because it is dangerous, what kind of person will penetrate, not realizing that any idea is it affects the control processes and can lead to disaster, explosion, planets, because if I run what's wrong, the ship will explode the explosion and radiation from the planet will be nothing left, is it worth the curiosity of a man who does not understand anything, so he got on the ship? of course not, right? and therefore, if a person continues to move, then there is already a task after "stop or I'll shoot" is struck, then there is to apply a powerful blow to really the man did not move, most often it leads to paralysis of a man, brutally, well, hard to say what I think it is not cruel, because people had to stop and turn, here and there, not only on ships, there are places on Earth that are protected by certain protective field, and the people who appear in there if the rod without permission, without the right to they seem different creatures terrible scares them, but if they move, there is destruction because they have no right not allowed because there are hid from them, and therefore goes to the same protection, the same as in the army "stop or I'll shoot", if not stop, the shot to kill, so many highlights you just need to understand to know before you act).