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Heart disease is a serious problem of all mankind

According to statistics, heart disease is in first place among the other ailments that cause death. This is why such diseases are under close scrutiny. Moreover, it is important that attention to this issue was shown not only by scientists and doctors, but also all of our rest of the environment. For every 100,000 people the number of people dying each year from myocardial infarction is 330 men and women – 154. Because of stroke each year die 204 and 151 men and women, respectively.

In the statistics of mortality, the size of heart disease is equal to 57%. Annually this go to the other world, 1.3 million people (the population average of the regional center). The bulk of the deaths are due to coronary artery disease, and hypertension, causing complications in form of stroke with a heart attack.

Coronary artery disease is one of the most dangerous diseases, it accounts for quite a large percentage of mortality. It develops under the influence of various factors, among which hypertension, Smoking, high cholesterol, heredity, physical activity.

because Of narrowing in the coronary arteries form blood clots, which in turn causes myocardial infarction, which is accompanied by disturbances in heart rhythm.

hypertension is also a very common disease (around 25% of cases of heart disease). Initially, the heart gets used to the increase in pressure by increasing the mass and strength of muscles. However, with quite high pressure and prolonged hypertension this body gradually begins to weaken, leading to heart failure. Also hypertension often causes coronary heart disease and stroke.

the Causes of heart disease

There are many reasons for the emergence and development of heart disease, some of them directly depend on the person, his lifestyle. Because of the constant desire to comfort the human body is weakened. Although in the modern world people are forced to remain constantly in motion, from a physical point of view, they did not move so much. Muscles that are deprived of permanent loads, gradually lose their effectiveness and weaken. This also applies to the circulatory system. Without the needed exercise weakens your heart and blood vessels.

because Of sedentary life, the metabolism that causes failures in various body systems. There is often the appearance of extra weight, which also affects the heart.

in addition, its functioning depends on breathing. The most important function of blood is to provide oxygen to the body, so in human respiratory organs appear, and problems with circulation. Here it is necessary to speak separately about very common now a bad habit for many people, Smoking. Besides the fact that cigarette smoke is harmful to lungs, so even if it enters the blood nicotine causes constriction or spasms of peripheral vessels, causing constrained blood circulation.

it is Also equally important health role played by the psychological condition of the person. Constant stress and strain have a negative impact on the cardiovascular system.

of Course, there are other causes of heart disease. However, can not but rejoice the fact that lately the figures have become smaller thanks to the latest medical discoveries and developments. Scientists around the world try to solve these problems, offering effective medications and other methodologies, allowing time to eliminate disturbing symptoms.

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