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In Naples - boom counterfeit money: how to avoid fraud

Naples Slavonic 29.08.2017 at 07:09

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Townsfolk are lately concerned about the appearance of counterfeit banknotes in Naples, although experts state that the Euro has one of the most reliable protection against forgery. However, the abundance of protective features may cause difficulty with the recognition of fakes in the population: the Euro is hard to fake, but hard to tell the fake.

If you have any doubt, experts advise to apply the basic rules: to feel, to see, to move the bill. The touch is definitely felt relief in areas banknotes: the ECB acronym in five languages, the denomination figures, architectural motifs of the window or arch.

large banknotes in 200 and 500 Euro at the edges there is a special tactile elements for visually impaired people. The light must be visible watermarks, security thread, when you stir the denomination figures change color. Conclusion: if the note is to the touch as thick as normal and smooth, has a characteristic rustle, not shimmer hologram and security thread simulates printing, it is necessary to sound the alarm. Naples in Slavonic