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Question: What can you tell us about the world organization of the Space Coalition, which is under the protection of the CON?

Video Nicolai 29.08.2017 at 08:39

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On the treatment of CON and generator primary matter (well, you know, let's say, if it involves a question about my books when I bring in the "Last call to humanity" in the third appeal to mankind, which Roerich gave at the time, so I can say that I quoted it not because all that was then necessary — based on the treatment or on the knowledge that there is nothing, there is knowledge that was received by me, as it like not like a not like that learned everything myself, and believe that it is someone the Lord God or aliens must pass, so I put only one purpose — to show that it is not only came from me that our scientific views that exist in the world isn't adequate, then there is very little corresponds to reality only for the purpose showed, look, it's not only I think that our scientific understanding is far from true and most interesting, when this book was written, nobody was talking about dark matter which I have in my books painted detail, just call them primary matters and science is now officially recognizes already, they have nowhere to go, 90% of the Universe is something called dark matter, and the ceiling, when are going to laugh, here he writes about dark matter, so he's black himself, I call it, what modern physics calls again I just cited the term that is used in modern physics, it's not my term and they call 90% of the universe, which they may not even have the slightest idea, as they themselves admit, they call dark-matter, that is Russian is dark matter, and I do not call dark matter, because it is not dark matter, because for me it is not dark and not clear, I call it primary matters, not only I understand something, but can manage these matters, the fact that the generator works is it is created from the so-called dark matter, i.e. primary matter, having no physical basis, such as we used to and yet it really works and not only works in our estate in France, here in Russia, too, in Moscow there is a company where you have installed such a generator, which purifies the water, which is the water supply regular water flows and chemical composition changes completely, depending on what is needed, plus creates the conditions, when for example mushroom production, the mushrooms grow on the basis that they, in principle, never can not grow, that is, and the mushrooms are usually grown there on the sawdust, and so on and so forth, for example many varieties of mushrooms as they say, they grow shiitake for example Maitake in the real nature they only grow on rotting wood, on a tree, that's all just on the tree, depending on the need, the question was raised "can you do that is to grow, to grow up on this .." I won't say because it's not important now, on such basis, on such bases, on such basis, which in nature simply does not exist, I made appropriate to the program, causing the mushrooms on these foundations grew very well, has grown so that the crop is 32 times higher than the best yield, which is in the West, that is in Holland the most advanced in this respect, but there is chemistry all apply it without any chemicals, and so on, the harvest is 32 times higher, plus the growing on it's impossible, it's just the use of the generator in the dark matter, i.e. primary matter I call them, I call primary matter, well, because people don't know what a primary matter, everywhere the concept of dark matter in physics exists, I make the parallel that this generator is so-and-so, but is also called dark matter, so the whale find that he says that the generator of dark matter, then he is black, well, the logic is undeniable I must say, continue on).