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Your letters. September 1, 2017

Radio Liberty 01.09.2017 at 12:00

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty is a private, non-profit information service funded by the U.S. Congress, broadcasting to the countries of Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, Central Asia and Middle East and Russia.

Listen to the letter written and sent, on order, to the beginning of the school year. "Dear Anatoly Ivanovich, for fifteen years I have been working at various construction sites of the Caucasus, but before that was a teacher, a school teacher, so not completely lost interest in what is happening in our school and around it. In the summer I stumbled on the Internet on an interesting school essay. Topic: "the Image of Gerasim in the works of Turgenev". Don't know who the author is and where it came to light. Imagine only conditions that had impact on the teenager, who gave such an interpretation of the landmark work, which forced me to think hard, like Turgenev, about the fate of my country. I was not just interesting, but extremely important to know whether our opinions, Anatoly Ivanovich. With Gerasim and Mumu I have one dear memory. On the question of the teacher why Gerasim not married to Tatiana, one boy replied, "He was afraid that he would kill Mumu". Please read" - writes Mikhail Zlotnikov. Well, I read: "Though Turgenev and spent a part of their life abroad, and even in Paris, he retained a sharp Russian mind and this mind was able to open the true essence of the Russian people. Even being a serf a slave, that is, outwardly, you might say, a slave, Gerasim has retained an objective, community-based, Patriarchal and, by and large, statist view of the world. That's why when he was put in this world to the Supreme test, he chose to suffocate (or drown) the only one loved by him and loved him creature, retaining, however, a commendable loyalty to the slave owner," and so on. The guy who wrote it, or pinned, as they say, or patriot to oblivion. It is possible, however, that this is someone's fake school essay. But let's say that it is now. I would rate it by how the author learned the training material. He is a student, and I'm a teacher. He had to first write that "Mumu" - the story from the book "notes of a hunter", and this book undermine serfdom. The writer has shown that the land –man like everyone else. And now, if I saw that the student knows everything, I would have done so. Would he deserved a mark for mastery of educational material, and this is his trick would have said just a few words. "Not so fast, Oh, young man, to insist on their views – you're still many times will change". The author of the following letter, remembering their school years, notes that in every class, except for slackers and pranksters, was, as he puts it, a contingent of burning. "Anatoly Ivanovich, a young conformists, opportunists, careerists at the start. They recited poems about the country, is very commendable behaved, more than all aspired to build communism. Usually vagigi was preparing to enter higher education, and their dream was of Moscow state University and MGIMO. In fact, the Soviet school existed for them. Others wandered through the doorways. I think that any teachers there is nothing to change but couldn't and can't. Vagigi, as well as other breed spontaneously. Well, now there are distance learning. Parents are allowed to teach their children at home. You know this family. There is the head of - household is a widow, the younger ten years, in regular school yet but goes to music and struggle. Mother is not very educated, but business, to read and write can teach anyone, and the chemistry and physics will take care of Tutors. It's a lot cheaper than ten years to spend money on clothes for school and bribes to teachers. However, she was told that her child is deprived of "socialization", that is, skills to survive among the burning and loafers. Well, let him be deprived!", - the author of the letter. I am also happy for this mother and her younger. Those people that questioned me, if I see something good in Russia, I will say bluntly: that allowed home schooling children, good, very good. A letter from Sevastopol: "Now I will tell you how coexist twenty-four hours a day in a Studio apartment an Imperial and vitabrits. The Imperial is my husband, and vitabrits, or vatuboro or atabrine is me. I occupy the room and the kitchen. Every he uses for his nut. Sometimes, going to the loggia, looking at his monitor. Mamadaragaya! There are infinitely gleaming Putin and Shoigu, not to mention the admirals. Eternal parade of Imperial pride. Sometimes, passing by, said, "I'd rather you watched porn!". We have, however, a nonaggression Pact, but you yourself know the value of these covenants. When you need to talk and convey to him anything, I call my daughter and loudly that he is heard, tell her what I got at hot topic. Sometimes they even manage to make a dent in his cotton armor. Then my sailor begins to puff and smoke, as bogonosets Kuzma. That's what I call something that walked on the seas and oceans toward Syria and ago and became famous as carotenoic "Admiral Kuznetsov". Husband because I have a sailor, his mother, and it is so screwed up. Live in the epicenter of cotton of patriotism, in the Cossack Bay, where Marines on the base (I managed to buy an apartment here!), so I feel especially lonely. Rarely go out in the centre where the wool in the throes of ecstasy from songs about Stalin that ships at anchor sway. Manage sometimes on the Bank to make a "dill-party" as I call gatherings of like-minded people, and even sing Ukrainian songs. When I return home kind, with good news like the last of us sanctions, then we live in perfect harmony, like a dove with a dove, like a sheep with arochi", - says the inhabitant of Sevastopol. The sheep, as we have heard, your computer, mutton. People before choosing what to read, who to talk to, someone to listen. But now he can choose itself the whole world. More precisely, even not to choose, but to create it according to your taste and mind - ready, however, parts. At his disposal are so many advisors, so many suppliers of all kinds of information...What? In order to be the sailor changed his mind, it must be a very strong external impact. Unusually strong! To survive the shock, and not just to get new impression. In August, as usual, was in full swing people's passions in connection with the anniversary of the coup. Well, maybe folk is a strong word, and passions – not quite the right word, but the conversation, not quite calm, was. After all, twenty-six years ago, in fact, one day was not the Soviet Union. The formalities took place a bit later. In such people's conversations, always and everywhere sound shibas and weaving, mainly of fairy tales. They are called myths. They podtalkivaet and that great event. Then we discussed them on Radio Freedom, what we are today accusing the author of the following letter. Read: "Can you imagine, Spent, my personal experience. While visiting Ukraine in the ninety and second year I ran in a student corridor on the political posters of the recent times of struggle for independence of Ukraine. Ukraine was depicted as a cow with a huge udder, and Russia - in the form of an evil old woman with an empty bucket and a wicked grin, heading towards the cow. To be absolutely stupid, as you can tell, and the cow, and the old woman were signed, respectively, “Ukraine”, “Russia”, and in the mouth of the cow contained a statement that henceforth it will not be, that is, Russia will not be to live at the expense of Ukraine. Ukrainian students from ninety-two year long since grown, but the propaganda they sit. I think you all know Mr Spent, just do not want to remember that my job. So to speak, liar, liar, pants on fire? The deed is done? No, The Fired. Really, really not done," the author writes. For the record, I will say that it was all the same people's propaganda – Yes, propaganda of the people's initiative. The tale was much helped by the General divorce helped both Russia and Ukraine, and other republics. It must be admitted. No fairy tales, nothing is done. Russian fairy tale was that Russian are worse of all in the Union, because Moscow deprive older brother in favor of the younger. About it with great feeling spoke the foremost Russian writers, and very boldly, loudly, at the very end: take away, say, Russia from you, since you Rob and hurt. Thought it was scaring small unreasonable that those not only do not flee, but rather prismireyut and pressed even closer to Moscow. Solzhenitsyn, for example, was particularly angry that Moscow wielded marketplace mafia come in large numbers from Central Asia and the Caucasus. This bike is now in Vogue, while well as, seemingly, does not know that all of the mafia, what was, is and will be in Russia, they were, are and will be Russian. The ordinary staff there may be Chechen, Azerbaijani, Yes, even the Martian, and the tip – kondovy Russian, from Russian generals in uniform and without, she gathers in large numbers. In turn, the Ukrainians rushed to his tale – that it is not Russian in the Union to feed, and they, the Ukrainians, and that if you quit you will live better than anyone in the world. In General, there is nothing sillier than fairy tales on the national question in Russia was not, and could not be anything further from life.

What we could see and can see in reality? What we can see, if you look at it with your eyes open and think, not to dream of being drunk, but if sober, it is worse? Where the standard of living was and still is above all? In the cities, especially in big cities. Some of the people the highest proportion of citizens, and with a noticeable degree? Russian. Russian, Ukrainians, Belarusians. Who has the highest salary? From whom, in other words, mostly was, and remains, officials, officers, diplomatic service, various foreign offices, the staff of scientific institutions, design bureaus, universities, Newspapers, and finally, labor groups, the largest of the factories, especially in the military? People have seen it all and sees, knew and knows, and as if nothing had happened, muttering and continues to chant that all Russian Rob and hurt. From Moscow writes Ms. Tikhonova: "I do Not have time to subside passion country at the annual "Assembly at the well" as on the Bulletin Board of our SNT appeared leaf. The Board warned that the violators of the rules of use trash containers will apply tough measures (sanctions in our opinion). For the first time we threaten to call the police, a fine of fifty thousand rubles and, ultimately, with the exception of the SNT. But the most remarkable - in the end. "Reported to the Board on the infringer – award of ten thousand rubles." Immediately arises a reasonable question: do the Board of the money for all reported? By the way, if the accusation is false? What to do with those who are known, but not reported?", asks Ms. Tikhonova. Had and I ask her, what is SNT. It turns out to be SADOVODCHESKOE NEKOMMERCHESKOE Tovarischestvo. In Russia, the epidemic, which is called "Abbreviation". Every post, every Bulletin Board, every Facebook page, every letter to Radio Liberty and for me personally, the smallest one is the reduction, and sometimes up to a dozen. Even though cry cry: well, why do you, dear people, I am sure that every reader should know that MOPI imeni Krupskoy is the Moscow regional pedagogical Institute... This is reminiscent of the first Soviet decade, especially the first. Like mushrooms after rain, there is the establishment of a new state. Nothing ever bred with such speed and in such quantity as Soviet office to control everyone and everything - the office or public undertaking. And all at once received his short name sounded alien. Educational program, peasants, house Committee, women's Committee, village Council, passavam, STATCOM, (the Cheka, of course, not to mention the GPU), Vtorchermet, dip, Torgsin – Yes, it is firm, which is engaged in trade with foreigners, was for them a network of special stores where they could buy all the way down to bird's milk, but not for Soviet money. Then came the ministries of water resources, housing, all sorts of Gipsy... as for the payment of denunciations of all kinds of messy, I have two hands. Two hands! The informer – first whip, this we know, but what to do with that fellow who throws trash under your door or gate? For the denunciation of a neighbor, I agree to pay, and until then to pay, until he senses, but by itself, the force of his conscience, he don't come ever, it is world practice shows, it is possible only to reason, and not somehow, and the cruel punishment denounced. So brought about a taste for cleanliness and order of the Germans, Swedes and others of feudal society and the rulers. Sometimes even this: you told a neighbor, who dirtied the street in front of your yard you'll be rewarded with a part of his allotment! Someone thinks that the Germans by nature are meticulous – no, it is the fruit of tireless, thorough and tough to cruelty education for centuries. It continues today. Min stay in this case is irreparable, and it is not allowed. People tend to deteriorate. They deteriorate very quickly, amazingly quickly. However, education also lend themselves well, but really education: this, which is sick for a long time. The following letter came seventh of August, it from Moscow. "A friend complains about the high cost of living. Sick dog. The first admission to veterinariniu: six thousand rubles – one hundred dollars, dropper - a thousand rubles, cardiologist, ultrasound of the heart – four thousand, examination, gastroenterologist, ultrasound of the pancreas - five thousand ... sixteen thousand, is to pull. By cash. And at a discount. Dog food ordered on the Internet, and that means significantly cheaper than in the store - five thousand rubles a month. Yorkshire Terrier dog - baby. So sanctions are not particularly idealiziruete! The Russians have already bought the rest for the New year. A friend of the couple has chosen Switzerland. Hotel room – ninety-two thousand euros for twelve days on a private plane to a strontium – tridtsyat thousand euros! Neighbors-rogue come to rest in Druskininkai, two two thousand euros. But communication with you, Anatoly Ivanovich, can not buy for any thousands of euros!", - flatters. the end of me this lady – I guess then, that I did not drop her letter. In Russia, several million super-rich, the very rich, just rich, wealthy, prosperous, secure, not needy and not so needy. Look how many words in the Russian language to denote degrees of well-being! The rest – the poor, very poor and just poor. They live short lives, although those they envy, also did not differ in health, to strengthen which no spare money. In normal conditions the gap between rich and poor is itself gradually reduced to such a value that provides the public peace. It is a natural law – the law of the free market. In Russia, this is more complicated because, in particular, that a significant part of the rich spending money abroad give the Swiss gornick, gardeners, chefs, hotel owners, makeup artists, doctors and veterinarians. Some of the Russians truly mad with oil money. It may be that they will have to remember the expression, both come and gone. And many not that mad – they are just naturally incapable of rational, rational behavior. This is the woman that paid shestnadcati thousand for one visit your dog in the animal clinic, it is because the money borrowed from a friend. I missed this place. Can not sell one of their apartments, and has to sell because he spent some money God knows what. It is difficult to say how these people will cope with upcoming challenges and will to put up with them. I, on the other hand, quietly saying nothing, without a piece of bread to sit, no one will, unless, of course, not smart enough to restore the collective and state farms. However, and then there will be nothing particularly wrong: Americans with Canadians to feed them, as has already happened. "In the twenty-sixth year, - says Mr. Polyskin appeared twenty - three poem of Mikhail Svetlov's "Grenada". "But another song of distant earth wore my friend with him in the saddle". That is, not the one that "holds the teeth in" the entire squad. Not a Bolshevik: "Go, go on the field heroes." You don't remember the famous "El Dorado"? We read there: they Say that once rode the brave knight... Read here: We went step we raced in the fighting. We read there: He and the horse could not get off, he looked everywhere for... Read here: for the First time a companion left the saddle. Eldorado and Granada - phrases to denote beautiful places not existing on earth. Such as the knight and the trooper, looking for any death or thrills on the edge. Such we see in our days and in the Donbas. They play. For them it is not a war. In war you want to win, not to play. In war, people do not solve their personal issues. Please note the delight with which these are drawn in front of the cameras. There they well with each other. Romance! Why do they agree that they used and then get rid of them? Because fools, idiots. They won't find neither Eldorado nor Grenada, nor in this world nor in the cloud ples, no peaks of the lunar mountains. Tell them about it. Anatoly, maybe someone will hear you and at least one of the Ukrainians will stay alive," - writes the listener. Hero Svetlova dreamed of a world social revolution, not about the sky-high ples. It's nothing I desire so as to take away and divide everything, from walking field to Grenada. Romantic egalitarianism, but romantic, the author of the letter right. Romantic – it means the person is not a very Mature mind. All the romance is always and everywhere only solve your personal issues. In other words, this is crazy, did not find himself in everyday life, Teens and such would be to gray hair. They are really busy in the Donbas is not a war, not Russia, but everyone is a favorite. In my village, about such talk: OTO robyty not hochut. Don't want to work, it is impossible to have it here and dicking around: someone in the position of someone nearby. Here listen to one of these: "Right, we make our sacrifices. Personally, I'm sure. The fight had to be at least relatively honest and the victim needs to be on both sides. Always right, of course, the winner, but the price of victory.

If the US were sent to destroy me personally no cute Mujahideen not drones and cruise missiles, and paratroopers that were killed in contact battles, - this country would be a certain rightness. Even the Martyr of truth a lot more than the statement of an American drone. Paraguay has the rights to the Chaco, because the battle for this territory, albeit losing, killing seventy percent of the population. Russia has the rights to all the former Soviet territory — they killed millions of Russian soldiers. Ukraine has no rights to Crimea. If waves of Ukrainian soldiers went through Perekop, if war has become the entire population, from sixteen to sixty, who do not have enough machines, so with sapper shovels — then, even in case of defeat, certain rights would be. And so — sorry. Similarly, Serbia has no rights to Kosovo. The Serbs were dormant under the NATO bombing, although he could declare total mobilization and attack NATO in Hungary, to go to all the people in an honest death. Georgians have the rights to Abkhazia and Ossetia. There fought not the entire Georgian people. US General never fought fair. Never went to significant losses. That's why this state - an ulcer on the body of humanity, which comes from America and degenerated. It remains to wait when will come the fire of purification. So I think that's" - tells us this listener. I would call it a romantic defeat. For him there is the ABC of military Affairs: the execution of combat missions with minimal losses. Society, allow themselves to sacrifice for the sake of the victims, not society. It would be some kind of suicide cult. And what does it mean to fight fair? Whichever way, it means not to resort to military tricks. The guy is confusing military action with the duel. Indicative letter. In Russia there are even generals, are ready to subscribe under it. It is from weakness. Play to the cold war, and now remains nothing how to ruffle, and to hope for heaven. Sergei Medvedev wrote that in Chechnya will not be Russian Constitution. Ildar Isaev says: "Oh, you'd think she was operating in Moscow!". These statements show one important feature of Russia. This feature can prove fatal. In Chechnya, the Russian Constitution is not valid in Chechen in Moscow – Moscow, Tatarstan – Tatar, in the Kuban – Kuban, Kuzbass – Kuzbass, etc. One optimist sees this as the germ, or the germ of the upcoming genuine federalism. Chechnya actually possible to imagine the Federal land in Russia. However, for example, I vividly imagine as before that will do the Chechens with their current rulers. At the end of the Soviet regime there in one small village was going to the gathering and decided to put the spanking all the rural authorities, which immediately was done.