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Near Zhitomir school year ends on 18 September

Online camera cities of Ukraine - the Main page 01.09.2017 at 07:17

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The Only three village school the local village Council wants to close, instead of giving it in rent of the Polish community under a private Catholic school without any guarantees of local children.

"We were told that on September 1 can't come — told us mother of one of pupils of Victoria. — Social services went to the yards and told us to pick up the documents. Then allowed to come to the line, but they say that school will be open until September 18, but without classes — the curriculum is not painted. And teachers in September will not be paid salary."

on the Eve of Teterevsky the education Department quietly fired the Director of the Galician school of Larissa, just not renewing her contract. "If I had maintained a close, I would have stayed with the work", — said "news" Larissa Galician. As an alternative to offer students study in private Polish Catholic school, which from giving of the head of the village Council want to create instead of closed secondary schools of the 1st and 2nd steps in Korczak. "To watch the classes and other rooms of the priests came in April. Then we rebelled, says the "news" Galician. Parents of local children promise that everything will be free, and for visitors — 600 UAH per month. That is, they hope that we will come to the children of the city. Well, think, who is right? We have not shown the Charter of Catholic schools, and there is no guarantee that in six months will not be forced to pay local students".

the Fate of the school should be settled on 18 September — the court will consider the claim of the parents for annulment Carcacha session of the village Council about the closure of the school. "The court has suspended the decision of closing the schools, that is, school must begin, — said the head of the regional organization of party "uspishna Kraina" Elena Orlova, which foster appealed the residents of Korczak. But it would be nice if the administration of the village Council are not waging war with their parents. They have an agreement with the Polish community, which they sold this school, a commitment is taken advance payment. It was not needed to start the study on 1 September, therefore, was contrary to the law, stolen documents from school. The next day, profiles were taken to their homes, persuading to pick up the documents from the school. Someone was threatened, someone was bribed. But most parents do not pokupaetsya. They understand that it's chaos. The chances of winning a lawsuit from the parents is very great."