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The media in Italy: the Bulgarian NATO soldiers refused to fire on Russian

Naples Slavonic 13.09.2017 at 05:22

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In Romania held exercises of rapid reaction forces NATO's Noble castle, that memorable event organizers for a long time. The fact that the Bulgarian soldiers along with the officers refused to shoot at targets as they reminded them of Russian soldiers.

Reported that the similarity of the targets with the Russians was not intentional: goals were made of billboards, which were subsequently not repainted. The Bulgarians said that they would not carry out shooting at targets, as the markings on them are too similar to Russian.

in order to save the situation, the leaders of the teachings repainted the props and apologized to offended the military, writes . Probably the Bulgarian contingent still remembers Russia's crucial role in the country's liberation from the Ottoman yoke during the Russo-Turkish war. Currently on the territory of the country and is located about 400 monuments to the Russian liberators. And every year on March 3 in Bulgaria held memorial events dedicated to the Russian soldiers who died for the liberation of the country. Naples in Slavonic