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An Italian journalist asked Putin with a request about early "occupation of his country"

Naples Slavonic 13.09.2017 at 06:16

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Italian journalist Nino Spiro working in the edition of Il Giornale logo turned on its pages directly to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin with a request about early "occupation of his country." Actually, the essay is called "Capture us, Putin!" Of course, the title is not serious. But, as you know, in every joke there is a grain of truth..

the Writer writes that on the background of false European politicians only the Russian leader is "trustworthy, purposeful Savior" who can save Italy from the "anticolana Europe".

the Journalist writes that most of his countrymen with enthusiasm would have accepted any help from the Russian President just to get rid of lying politicians are ranting about the need to protect the Italian national spirit, eating the "American hot dogs and kebabs of lamb".

Spiro appealed to Putin with a request to protect the Italian people from what the EU is concentrated in Italy. This, the conviction of the Italian journalist, "all the worst from different continents".

in Fact, the cry of the soul of the Italian is reduced to a single thought: Only Putin can save his country from the "garbage in power". A journalist asked Putin this "little gift". After all, "the winds of change in Italy has changed." People have already started the "give pinkie debris in power". However, without the help silnogo leader, such as Vladimir Putin, it is difficult to do.

Author: Maria Krasikova, source: