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RBC: a Test of growth: what are the tasks facing the new head of the Bank monitoring of the banking press 19.09.2017 at 05:29

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The New head of the Bank Evgeny Davydovich have to deal with clearing balance and work with problem debts of the Bank. According to experts, the first place among them occupy the rehabilitated loans Growth Bank.

On the appointment of Eugene Davidovich, a former CEO of the retailer "Svyaznoy" and the head of the same Bank, to the post of Chairman of the Board of the Bank was officially announced on Monday, September 18.

the Central Bank has already agreed on his appointment, said the Bank. To comment further on the appointment of Davidovich, as well as the challenges it faces in the Bank did not, noting that he did it earlier, announcing the appointment of top managers in August.

As he wrote RBC, then the Chairman of the Board of Directors of b & n Bank Mikhail Gutseriev called the priority tasks facing the new top Manager, "the formation of a control system of the Bank in accordance with international best practice, improvement of balance sheet structure and increase ratings".

Eugene Davidovich, who has worked for the past seven years in the group "the Messenger" known as a crisis Manager — he led the Bank Svyaznoy in the transition from Maxim Nogotkov to Oleg Malis and was engaged in the sale of Bank assets, to, inter alia, to pay the holders of its bonds.

Now, according to respondents RBC experts, it faces no less difficult task. Among them is the establishment of relations with the Central Bank under the decision of problems of the Bank and Growth of the Bank.

Related tasks

In October, 2015 long-term ratings of the Bank from S&P Global Ratings in foreign and national currency was lowered from B to B-; the Agency also put them on review for possible further reduction. This was due to the lack of clarity regarding integration of rehabilitated Growth of the Bank. In June 2017 S&P Global Ratings has affirmed the ratings of the Bank at the level/b with a stable Outlook. However, in the release, the Agency pointed to the continuing risks associated with reorganized with the participation of the Bank Growth-Bank, calling them one of the key.

the Reorganization of the Growth-Bank b & n Bank deals with one of its beneficiaries by Mikail Shishkhanov, who bought 100% shares of the Growth-Bank in the framework of the plan for the prevention of its bankruptcy. According to the plan, the growth of the Bank should be before the end of 2025 is attached to the Bin. In the financial statements of the Bank according to IFRS for the first half of 2017, says the size of the loan provided by the growth of the Bank, is more than 590,9 billion rubles in six months it grew by 45 billion rubles As stated in the financial statements, the Company evaluated the impairment of these loans based on the financial and monetary indicators the growth of the Bank until 2025.

the financial recovery plan Growth-the Bank has still not approved, stated in the financial statements of the Bank according to IFRS for the first half of 2017. It was submitted by the parties on 1 February 2016, and "as of the date of approval of these consolidated interim condensed financial statements of PFO is at the discretion of the Committee of Bank supervision of Bank of Russia". "It is planned that it will be approved in the third quarter of 2017", — stated in the document.

"the Main credit risks of the Bank associated with the interbank loan Growth, the Bank. This loan is half of the balance of the Bank — notes S&P analyst Anastasia turdyeva. Another risk factor is the credit portfolio, almost a quarter of which — loans with signs of impairment, mostly inherited from MDM Bank".

Able to work under pressure

Eugene Davidovich in 2010, developed the project of the Bank Svyaznoy. Until 2013 he was the Chairman, and in November of the same year Chairman of the Board. In November 2015, the Central Bank revoked the license of the Bank "the Messenger". In January 2016 Davidovich headed Svyaznoy. Commenting on the appointment of Eugene Davidovich on this post, the owner of the group of Solvers and a controlling shareholder "Coherent" Oleg Malis emphasized its "unique experience in a very difficult economic situation".

Cross problems

the Bank mentioned by Fitch, along with "FC Opening", by Promsvyazbank and the Moscow credit Bank (MKB) in the number of banks engaged in cross-ownership and lending and General liquidity problems. After the publication of the July reporting, it became known that the Bank together with the Bank "FC Opening" has become one of the two largest borrowers on the REPO from the Central Bank. From 396 billion roubles occupied banks at the Central Bank in July 323,8 billion occurred in the "FC Opening", 51 billion rubles to the Bank. Thus on July 1, its debt amounted to 55 billion rubles. For the Bank borrowing from the Central Bank was then not more than 5% of the total liabilities.

In August, the volume of attracted Bank customers ' funds fell by 1.6%, or 19 billion rubles., up to 748 billion rubles, said head of validation "Expert RA" Stanislav Volkov. "The outflow occurred at the expense of the individuals that form the basis of the Bank's funding decreased by 3.6% to 503 billion rubles, — stated Stanislav Volkov. — The accounts of other clients (including governments, non-profit organizations), by contrast, increased by 3%, or RUB 7 billion to 244 billion rubles". Simultaneously, the Bank decreased the amount of liquid assets, the expert said: on July 1, 2017, the index value of "Lat" amounted to 161 billion rubles., on August 1 — 122 bn, September 1 RUB 100 billion "Continuation of this trend for the Bank, of course, is undesirable", — says Stanislav Volkov.

the Bank reported on the recapitalization, calling it along with clearing balance among their goals before the end of the year, said in an interview with Reuters, the head of the group Safmar Avet Mirakyan. "Toward the end of the year are more likely to be another recapitalization, plus approximately another 15 billion rubles, but the numbers can change", — he said. Speaking about the situation with problem assets, Mirakyan said that since the beginning of the year the Bank sold these assets to 10 billion rubles. "the Process continues", he added.

Eugene Davidovich in a conversation with RBC said that the Bank is considering the sale of the mortgage loan portfolio of 10 billion rubles.