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People with features — it sounds good

Zadolba!whether 22.09.2017 at 05:00

Angry look on the other side of the counter

Good day! Writes you a man whose family at the time, showed the doctors the proud Figo and after the phrase: "to Walk, she will never be!" vbuhali all the money and power to put me on my feet. The goal was successfully achieved, and today I am a man with higher education, sought-after specialist who made his career in the field... of working with children with disabilities.

Before I get to my zadolbali, it is worth mentioning that, while studying in a regular public school, I went through hell just to survive in the team. Humiliation and insults from classmates Nemer. But most importantly it is not the most important thing is that, knowing that I have some physical flaws, I always defended their right to act and to perform any activity on a par with healthy people. And none of the relatives had never thought to deny it. You'd think I was the only one, but no — I have that logical, there are a lot of familiar with any diagnoses, and most were raised by their parents just in a similar vein: "You're a man with the physical characteristics, but you're a man."

now smoothly move on to zadolbat. You would think that I was sick of pupils. But no — I was sick of their parents and my colleagues.

In a conversation with a colleague use the term "children with disabilities" when — Oh! — standing near the autism of varying levels of gravity and those with less serious diagnoses. Receive from colleagues the answer is: "No need to call them". What? Are children with disabilities. They was, are and will be. Always. Whether you like it or not. I said nothing offensive, and, paradoxically, children themselves in conversations with me (I must clarify — children-Teens) can safely use the term "children with special needs". Without any emotional coloring. For them it is a fact of life. They understand it. Well what the hell did dear colleagues, you are making a magical circus with the terminology?

it is Logical that if they are children with special needs drew to deny it. But if they are children, for what you are trying to give them, then what are they doing in their respective classes?!

Tried to work on one family. Quit on their own in a couple weeks. I think the problem was the complexity of the work with the child? Fuck it! The problem was the child's mother. Everywhere for the sake of your hyperactive child and saying: "No, he's fine, he's like all, he is an ordinary" she did not think the problem is that her precious heir yells, throws herself at her, throws things, screams in fits so that they can hear the whole house, and every now and then tries to fall out of the balcony, being in the "common" mind.

Wanting to help, I decided to get a volunteer in one community of autistic people. Asked the leadership thereof, to sit in on a class, in order to assess the situation. The answer shocked me: "I'm Afraid it's a bad idea, because we have many parents the first year and a half not even greet anyone because you're afraid to admit to his family of strangers." Good thing I was sitting at this moment. Because of this — is the height of idiocy! No, everything is clear — people have seen a lot of shit towards my family, Yes, our world is cruel but it is cruel not only to their child and their family, but to all in differing proportions. The fact that someone shit on their hearts, gives them the right to show disrespect towards those whom they don't even know. "Hello, people! You do like, with the roof friends?" — the only thing I want to ask them.

In conclusion, I would like to appeal to colleagues and parents. Yes, colleagues, we do not have the easiest job in the world, and you, the parents, not the easiest in the world share but let's not lose the objectivity, the children will not become healthier. We'll just graft branches them extra — useless — complexes. As you can see from the above story, the children themselves safely correlated with the terms "invalid", "child characteristics", "disabled child", while the "wiser" adults don't show them your reaction that it's something shameful and discriminatory.

Live and let others live. I have all the. Thank you.

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