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People without a past

Zadolba!whether 22.09.2017 at 05:12

Angry look on the other side of the counter

How cheerfully then began to discuss the Muscovites, who are "proud" of his birth in Moscow. I'll try to answer from the perspective of a Muscovite. This is not an attempt to justify the sadness and longing for the little Home, which I lost.

You say to remove the Playground, which does not need anyone but the old-timers. Of course, she doesn't need the rest. They have no memories associated with it. 30 years ago they wanted to come to her with their children. They need Parking. They need lawns. They need shops and stores. They don't need my memory.

they Have no past, they think it always has been. Always the quiet street rode thousands of cars, was always surrounding office buildings, the janitors were always the Kyrgyz, and the office plankton are always munching on at lunchtime in the yard some food, bought in the nearby supermarket. And we remember... we Remember the quiet courtyards, where there were no cars. Remember, green streets, where it was possible to ride a bike. Remember when in all the yards looked the sun. Now it's long since been permanently closed and another sarakatsanos "dominant" for entire neighborhoods.

Why the indigenous people consider themselves better description? You will be amazed at the snobbery of the indigenous citizens of St. Petersburg Cossacks or on any farm. How many of these small-town snobs... Even weird to mention in this context the minorities in their homeland, a native Muscovite will always be a second class citizen. In Europe and America too, not all welcome, although the flow of refugees, which moans the European Union, if you look at the numbers, it is absolutely normal for Moscow. But people are just people. They came, they bought, they have achieved all of them.

Naive! In some 20 years you will be washed away. You will become old. And your children will be or more or less unscrupulous than you. That is, they are or will be people without a past, but then you also might be not needed, because you will become the past or not competitive because of its sentimentality. Will the new, young people without a homeland who do not care about whose great-grandmother planted a tree if it could potentially fall onto their vehicle parked on the sidewalk. They will say: "We are more, and you can exit your apartment and walk to the subway. Anything more your not here." And they will be right. Moscow — a city of immigrants.

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