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Zadolba!whether 22.09.2017 at 05:24

Angry look on the other side of the counter

And me here zadolbali birthdays. Or rather, not even so much the holidays, how many birthdays.

Recently, our colleague was 25. We have appointed responsible, which will award her the money as a gift, after work, some employees left to celebrate with her, who could not, congratulated words in the morning. And you know what? The next day, the lady said that they did not expect this from us, they say, we absolutely don't like. It is worth saying that our team is quite fragmented, with different interests and values, but all treat each other kindly.

now, hate the fact that people think his birthday is some special day. And not just for themselves but for those around you! Mark, please, on your nose: no you don't owe anything. Nobody should create for you the perfect holiday to wear your hand, running around on tiptoe, to shower you with compliments and to give such a toast, that the Georgians are nervously Smoking in aside. Those who want to congratulate you, be sure to congratulate and say a warm words. This is usually your friends and family. But I do not consider myself anyone special enough to congratulate you almost the head of a company with a bunch of 301 roses!

There are people who are neutral to their own birthdays, there are those who don't celebrate them at all, and nothing is alive and healthy! And Yes — if my colleagues will say the usual "happy birthday!" and will not pour out on me thread "I wish..." — I'm not offended. And I wouldn't be mad if on occasion forget. We are all human, everyone has their own problems.

Learn to understand others and not be offended for stupid reasons!

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