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Secrets of pottery

As you know, everything new is well forgotten old. It did not take much time since then, when people could not imagine other dishes in addition to clay: she was perfect for the Russian stove kept the water cold and the milk fresh. Today, when people dared to clutter up the kitchen silicone, Teflon, and plastic, all the same, a simple clay utensils is considered a luxury: pottery craftsmanship mastered by only the residents of the "heartland" and yet... those few firms that have disposed of their capital in favor of the eco-friendly products.

the Campaign Römertopf appeared in 1967 as the title says about the ideological connection with the Roman technology of making pots from terracotta clay. Natural material says about the safety of this cookware for health – on the contrary, clay carries a certain energy (like any other mineral). Römertopf products are made from local raw materials, and on the right marked "made in Germany" (which traditionally speaks to the high quality). These products is not only natural and modest beauty is not glazed clay, but also unusual design.

About the benefits of pottery it is possible to speak long: this material is accumulates heat and slowly releases it, so the products not baked, and languishing in its own juices. This contributes to the different natural properties of clay: due to the microporous structure during the heating dishes easily absorbs and retains water vapor, which highlight the products, but does not allow them to dry out, subsequently giving the water back. All this allows you to cook without adding oil or water in a furnace of any type.

of Course, such food is not only diet and healthy – its taste and flavor do not go in any comparison with products prepared in a different way. Since the minerals and other nutrients do not dissolve in the soup while cooking, the food of pottery has a rich original taste of foods – you can prepare mind-blowing vegetables, casseroles, meats, fish, sauces or desserts. In addition, this gentle method of thermal processing retains most of the vitamins!

What to care for utensils Römertopf, then it's not troublesome: the internal "liner" of heat-resistant glass can be washed in the dishwasher, and the clay base enough to soak 10 minutes in cold water and then dry it. I must say that inventive, the Germans went on the traditional stew pans and pots – they release a whole Arsenal of additional "helpers" in the kitchen.

For example, the original length of clay: like its abratararam, it at first absorbs excess moisture, thereby preventing the formation of mold, and then gradually gives it that nadolshe will keep store-bought or homemade bread soft. For comparison: storing bread in plastic bags is not only environmentally friendly, but also can not cope with the first two objectives, while the traditional breadbox air circulates too much and the bread stale quickly. However, you can still try to keep bread in the fridge – although from the ubiquitous polyethylene that will not save you...

But fun clay bowl in the form of a hedgehog: it is designed specifically for growing seeds of cress, mustard, arugula and flax seeds – to have fresh herbs always at hand. These plants are simple to care for – but just in case clay, the gimmick is equipped with a manual for dummies. And indeed a bundle of some herbs is a compulsory element of the modern interior, so Hello, hedgehog!

Since its founding Römertopf has produced more than 25 million clay products, through which more than a generation preparing simple and healthy meals. If desired, one can find an alternative to pots and pans, visiting an artisan fair, or seeking out a good Potter. After all, nothing good should not be forgotten, right?

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