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The famous doctor Leo Bokeria turned the idea about diets

CULTURE-prava.rf 24.09.2017 at 18:54

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The Famous doctor Leo Bokeria turned the idea about diets

the cardiac Surgeon talked about how to comply with diet.

the Famous Soviet and Russian cardiologist, inventor, Professor, academician of RAS and RAMS, chief cardiac surgeon of the Ministry of health Leo Bokeria gave an interview to TV channel REN TV. The doctor turned the notion of traditional diets.

According to the doctor, the presumption of diets and diet is incorrect and is not useful for man.

"eat Breakfast yourself, this is absolute nonsense, I mean a full Breakfast. Because you woke up, the body begins to come to a working state, you sit down to the table, eat a plate of meat, flour, washed down with a large glass of something. Then dress up, go to work – and then some of you an employee?" – said the doctor.

told the surgeon, in the days of his youth he took the example of Western colleagues that morning was a Cup of coffee, at lunch, ate a sandwich, and a full eat in the evening after work, then went to exercise.

"So Breakfast – give to the enemy in the afternoon to have a snack in the evening – normally eat and then exercise. In my experience, in countries where people live long – they live well", concluded #Bokeria.

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