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How to see the options for the external design of the modulator

Club KIT - Community - Contacts 29.09.2017 at 19:32

Community of people, practicing the use of eniomodulyatorov Laboratory Infotekh

Sometimes some of our forum members, and not only they, can not find how to view the options for the external design of modulators - the individual and the wall/table.

Decided to reveal this secret in more detail.

let's Just I won't put here pictures, and will post just links to screenshots. And you click these links and view the screenshots. Okay?

to be Honest, too lazy to "cut" images, and then upload them to the site. :)

let's start.

1. It is necessary to select in the horizontal menu beneath the site header mode DIRECTORY UNIMODULAR and click.

by the Way, in the DIRECTORY you can go through the website - view screenshot

In either case, you will be taken to a page directory of ALL modulators -

2. If you scroll the page down a bit you will see that under the picture of each of the modulators has a large button - DESIGN OPTIONS -

If you click this button you are interested in EM, it opens a separate window with options for the design.

3. With wall and table EM is organized a little differently- using the CATALOG button options of UNIMODULAR -

If you click this button, we're taken to a separate directory, wall and table EM -

For its opening it is necessary to have installed the Adobe Flash Player plugin. However, most computers have it all installed.

But on tablets or smartphones may have problems viewing this catalog.

In this directory (

) on the left is a vertical menu that lists all wall/desktop EM.

Select EM (figure 1) and click on it.

will appear on the Right of his designs on a smaller scale.

To view pictures in an enlarged scale it is necessary to click on any thumbnail image to the right and a larger image will appear in the center of the screen (figure 2).

To view all options for registration a EM you can use the scroll bar (figure 3). Drag it down and you will see all the options registration a EM.

for example, variants of EM Tigris is not 10 as in the picture, and the 32 -

If you have questions, write.

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