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Mysterious smelly substance poisons the residents of Huntington beach

NEWS PLANET 01.10.2017 at 07:49

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The Population of Huntington beach increasingly began to complain about the horrible harsh chemical smell. The sickening stench about two years poisoning people's lives. The source did not manage to find.

People say that the air sometimes smells so bad that almost knocks you off your feet and impact on the physical well-being, causing discomfort. The most frequent symptoms are headache, nausea, occasionally vomiting, irritation of eyes, throat.

for a Long time the government did not recognize problems and could not explain why the sinister a sickening odor. According to their assumption, the sources can be swamps, oil platforms or tankers. While officials are convinced that any danger to people, this smell does not carry.

a Local resident of Huntington beach Adam, as many people do not agree with the opinion of the authorities, he believes that headaches and other signs of people's reactions to the smell says otherwise. The man is convinced that somewhere there is a leak of gas and gives the example of environmental disaster in porter ranch, where many people have suffered from the inaction of the authorities.

today, regional management of air quality in the South coast are investigating what is happening. So far no information.