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Near the Great Barrier reef have discovered a huge crater

NEWS PLANET 01.10.2017 at 08:47

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Marine biologist said that about the Great Barrier reef found a huge sinkhole or blue hole.

the Blue hole is a large sea crater formed during the ice age. At that time the ocean was much lower, and the funnel is exposed to erosion from rain and chemical weathering. After the funnel filled with water the process of erosion has ceased, and the blue stripes left.

Jonny Gaskell with the help of Google Maps found this awesome funnel. Then decided to visit her and examine in more detail.

At the depth of 15-20 meters was discovered seriatopora of corals, corals of Acropora. Surprisingly, these corals have remained unharmed after 5 months ago it took a cyclone, which is hurricane 4 category. Gaskell believes that the deep walls of the funnel has saved them.