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The statement of the scientists: humanity itself to blame for the earthquakes

NEWS PLANET 01.10.2017 at 16:34

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Seismologists from America carefully studied earthquakes. The result was a report, which in detail discussed the cause of natural phenomena.

Seismologists believe that the true cause of the disaster is under his nose — in to anthropogenic activity. Of course, nature is also the driving force behind, but mostly the fault of a large number of earthquakes is technical progress.

So, there are all new devices for extraction of minerals, which disrupt the natural balance in the earth's crust. In addition, a real danger fraught climate weapon. About safety, unfortunately, people worry a little.

Permanent underground mines activity disturbs the earth's crust, resulting lithospheric plates are moving. Perhaps the earthquake in Japan, which has become a cause of accident on "Fukushima" just arose due to human activities.