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Scientists: every year the Earth loses mass, and the Moon rather gaining

NEWS PLANET 01.10.2017 at 17:09

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Researchers from Cambridge have found that any celestial body tend to either increase in mass or reduction. According to various reports and calculations, the Earth loses every year approximately 10 thousand tons of this mass. In addition, there is also the weathering of the atmosphere, so that the planet loses about 50 thousand tons per year.

the European space Agency closely monitors any changes of the magnetosphere. To the Ground flies a lot of garbage, but the amount does not cover the loss. Basically leave the atmosphere of ions of oxygen and helium. Second gas on the planet is very small, so scientists are worried about its deficit in the future.

the Moon, in turn, on the contrary, every city becomes heavier, and in return gives nothing. Building mass is not only for space debris but also from probes that scientists have produced on the moon. In total, the natural satellite of the Earth is around 100 thousand tons of probes and various instruments.

it Should be noted that "losing weight" not only the Earth, but mercury. Planet annually is reduced in diameter by as much as 7 kilometers.