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Shocking truth: Americans had contact with aliens, even visited their planet

NEWS PLANET 02.10.2017 at 17:03

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A Strange story appeared on the Internet. From the leaks of the US, the world learned about a new unknown planet Serpo, which is at a distance of 39 light years.

One day the inhabitants of this planet — humanoids crashed on the territory of the United States. Of all the alien crew survived only one alien that humans have created all the conditions for life. He quickly gave the signal for help, and then in a short time after him arrived the relatives.

In gratitude, the aliens decided to bring a group of people from 12 people for a certain period. Some people soon returned to Earth, several earth guests died, and some decided not to leave Serpo. From the story of travelers all doodles features of extraterrestrial civilizations.

the most likely story or not, we don't know and, unfortunately, will never know. However, on the crash of a flying saucer in 1957 in the USA have heard, perhaps, everyone.