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Pensioners and employees will be issued a map of the World

Legal aid 03.10.2017 at 12:08

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The Introduction of so-called national payment system (the card "the World") is artificially, including through legislative regulation, as the population and organizations are reluctant to use the national payment system (the card "the World"). Generally, do not want to use the card "the World" because it's a new Bank card, and all something new, unfamiliar, scary. Besides, we all have become accustomed to traditional payment systems such as VISA or MasterCard. These payment systems are well established worldwide, including in Russia. However, these payment systems are foreign, so the state does not want the payment transaction occurred through foreign payment system. Also, it is believed that in order the financial security of the population against possible sanctions by foreign payment systems, established a national payment system (the card "the World"). How well will operate the national payment system map ("World") time will tell. National payment system has been created, it invested huge sums of money, so the card "the World" will be implemented.

01.10.2017 in force section 1 of article 16.1 of the Law of the Russian Federation of February 7, 1992. No. 2300-1 "On consumer rights protection" as amended by Federal law from 01.05.2017 N 88-FZ the seller (executor) is obliged to provide possibility of payment of goods (works, services) through the use of national payment instruments (cards, "Peace") and cash payments at the choice of the consumer, whose revenues from sales of goods (works, services) for the preceding calendar year exceeds the 40 000 000. The seller is released from the obligation to ensure the ability to pay for goods using national payment instruments (cards, "Peace") in a retail facility, the proceeds from the sale of goods which is less than five million rubles for the preceding calendar year.

Part 5 of article 30.5 of the Federal law of 27.06.2011 № 161-FZ "On national payment system" in the wording of Federal law of 01.05.2017 N 88-FZ provides for the obligation of the banks to issue the card "the World" to its clients – physical persons if the client receives payments from the budget (e.g. salaries of employees of budgetary institutions or pension). So, according to item 5.5 of the Federal law of 27.06.2011 № 161-FZ "On national payment system" banks are required to issue the card "the World" if you receive the following payments by individuals:

a monthly life annuity of judges; pensions and other social payments; state grants; salaries of state and municipal employees of LSG bodies and governmental bodies; the wages of the employees of state and municipal institutions; the wages of the employees of extra-budgetary funds. salaries, remuneration, allowances of civil servants.

If a customer opens a new account for various budget funds, including pensions, benefits, banks are required to issue the card "the World" with 01.07.2017 g. If a client is already receiving budget payments (pensions and life annuity judges) to the credit card of another payment system, the new map "the World" is issued on expiration of old Bank cards, but no later than 01.07.2020, getting grants, salaries of state employees the deadline for the transition to the map "the World" is set 01.07.2018 G. the Law also established the requirement that that the transfer of pensions and other social payments on the card "the World", free of charge. The mandatory use of the card "the World" does not apply when receiving a property tax deduction (income tax return) and when you receive any lump sum payments. If the retiree does not wish to receive the pension on the map "the World", then he may apply to change the method of delivery of pensions in upfr, that is, change the method of receiving from "accounts" to "cash" through the mail of Russia.

the Federal law from 01.05.2017, No. 88-FZ "On amendments to article 16.1 of the Russian Federation Law "On protection of consumer rights" and the Federal law "About national payment system" signed by the President 01.05.2017 G., and G. 01.05.2017 published on the official Internet portal (