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Mexican politician accused North Korea in the call of the earthquake in her country

NEWS PLANET 04.10.2017 at 07:58

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As a result of the devastation caused by the earthquake of magnitude 7.1 in Mexico, many people decided to find the cause of the tragedy that took place last month. The most incredible version of events was put forward by Carmen Salinas Lozano, who directly accused the North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN in the call of the earthquake with epicenter in Morelos.

In an interview with Telemundo Carmen said, "I think that all of this happened because the gentleman from North Korea. I do not doubt, the consequences of this test, crazy bombs, running in the same crazy in the sea, affect us."

the Deputy from the institutional Republican party (PRI) directly blamed North Korea for the rocket launch, which caused a devastating 7.1 magnitude earthquake, which killed 350 civilians, and about 5.5 thousand were injured.

North Korea plans to test a hydrogen bomb in the Pacific ocean. It is the result of escalation of the conflict with the United States. The President of the United States Donald trump announced that his country is fully ready for war with North Korea.