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In London the man, quoting the Bible, caused panic on the train

NEWS PLANET 05.10.2017 at 08:47

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A Surprising event occurred on Monday morning in London at a railway station in Wimbledon. On the train, which was traveling from Shepperton to Waterloo, I started to panic because one of the passengers began to read aloud passages from the Bible.

the Situation took place around 8:30 local time. A man with a backpack with a loud quotations from the Bible frightened the passengers. The greatest concern was aroused by the words: "Death is not the end". After them people started to move towards the door, forcibly opened the door and began to run outside.

One of the witnesses to this event reported that some of the passengers immediately called the police. People began to say that the man with the Bible allegedly began to threaten with death.

it Turned out that it was nothing terrible, and the panic was completely random. The man began to read the Bible out loud, when he simply asked.

Police detained the man and searched him. He was not found, no bombs, no knives or other weapons.

Society in England, as seen, is highly sensitive to its own security. And this is not surprising, because the British have repeatedly suffered from the attacks.