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Amazing discovery in Turkey uncovered the tomb of Santa Claus

NEWS PLANET 05.10.2017 at 09:11

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Archaeologists from Turkey have discovered a unique burial. They managed to find the grave of Nicholas the Wonderworker, from the image which originated the famous good gull Santa Claus.

Experts, armed with ground-penetrating radar, were able to find in Demre under the Church of St. Nicholas is an ancient temple in perfect condition. In cavities of temple scientists has discovered the body of the Saint.

access to the body, the researchers do not yet have, as if further excavations could damage the bas-reliefs and mosaics.

Experts believe that Saint Nicholas was buried in Demre in 343 ad. There is evidence that the remains of St. traders illegally transported to the Italian city of Bari. However, Turkish archaeologists are convinced that the real Nicholas is still left in there and stolen the body belonged to an unknown priest.