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Scientists found the skull of a soldier, which clearly depicts saints

NEWS PLANET 06.10.2017 at 18:16

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Search group "Mius-front" published in the social network unusual discovery: was discovered the skull of a soldier since the days of the Patriotic war, remains challenging. On cranial bones can clearly see the images of the saints.

the report said that the soldier was in the trenches with a rifle, protecting the country's borders in order not to miss the enemy in the Caucasus. The soldiers were constantly shooting, this is evidenced by numerous shell casings.

themselves with respect to the saints on the skull of the Roman Lukianov noted that during the examination it was determined that icons imprinted from rotten shawl that covered the head soldier.

to Break through the enemy positions, the Soviet troops tried since 1941, however, completely liberate the territory happened only in 1943 during the Donbas offensive operation. According to scientists and historians then killed about 150 thousand soldiers.