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Scientists have declared that we have entered the era of hurricanes-monsters

NEWS PLANET 06.10.2017 at 21:06

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Scientists concerned about the situation lately. According to the experts the last strong hurricane raging on both sides of the Atlantic ushered in a new era of hurricanes-monsters.

Experts expect as they approach a new heavy duty storms and hurricanes, they say that this is due to climate change. It is therefore important to understand and take measures to prevent possible consequences of the monstrous destruction and a large number of victims.

"there is No doubt that hurricanes are stronger now than 30 years ago," – said the scientist-a climatologist and an expert on hurricanes from NOAA James Kossin,.

Numerous studies and computer simulations showed that the number of hurricanes will increase, they will be more aggressive and frequent.

Scientists ubiday that these phenomena are associated with both natural factors and human impact.