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In the US, on the beach found a mysterious Soviet Bui

NEWS PLANET 07.10.2017 at 09:46

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After the last hurricane Irma beach Dania beach issued a mysterious old Soviet buoy. On it are the words "hydrometeorological service of the USSR."

Experts suggest that the buoy ripped somewhere near Cuba and carried about 560 kilometres to the West coast of the United States

If we consider the close relationship of the Soviet Union and Cuba there is a suspicion that it is likely that the buoy was a spy device. He measured the temperature, movement, depth and height of the waves.

some Conspiracy theorists believe that the device was double action. The buoy is intended for navigation of Soviet ships, as well as to monitor the United States.

There is information that the detected beacon tried to remove some men who identified themselves as members of the investigative group of the Navy. However, when they were asked to show identification – they disappeared.

it was Later revealed that these people were actually the engineers of the Navy, which led to iron relics just out of curiosity

the Buoy while still on the beach. Later it will be transferred to the coast guard.