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Scientists rejoice: the birthplace of the "Alpine man" Oetzi

NEWS PLANET 09.10.2017 at 10:37

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A Unique well-preserved remains of the Alpine man ötzi interested many scientists. They have long studied his body, trying to learn about how he lived.

the Mummy of Oetzi was found in 1991 in the Alps. Initially, researchers thought that found a body not so long ago a frozen climber. And only after examining, I realized that it is not so that this man lived about 5000 years ago.

most Likely Oetzi died from inflicted wounds as a result vnutriplevralnogo conflict. When it was discovered his weapon copper axe.

However, the main mystery that was bothering experts is his birthplace. The results showed that his father was from the Tyrrhenian coast and the mother of the Alps. Himself Oetzi could migrate. Scientists began to track down his relatives or friends.

On the shores of Swiss lake Zug, they found an exact copy of the copper axe of Oetzi. It was found that one of the second and the axe was made of the same copper which was mined in Tuscany. Thus, scientists were able to narrow it down homeland Oetzi – it could be Switzerland, Sardinia or the Alps regions.