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Scientists in orbit of the star's Tabby are a mega structure of aliens

NEWS PLANET 09.10.2017 at 18:06

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For about two years, astronomers look for changes stars CS 8462852, otherwise it is called Tabby after the scientist who discovered it.

the heavenly body is a strange luminosity. So, when the planets are near stars, the latter slightly pale, and this is repeated after certain time periods. However, in the case of Tabby its luminosity falls by as much as 22%, which is a lot. In addition, the stars of chaotic frequency changes in the brightness interval may be 5 days, and 80.

For these reasons, the heavenly body interested hunters aliens. It is believed that the civilization on Tabby so developed that the beginning to use the star's energy. Aliens could build Dyson spheres that appear to orbit the star and collect its light.

This theory convinced scientists. In orbit CS 8462852 do something there, and this is clearly not an exoplanet.

NASA decided to test the theory, but no evidence of the use of sphere of Dyson is not found. Perhaps the true will be shed later.