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In the United States took video of the dragon

NEWS PLANET 12.10.2017 at 10:12

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In the state of Montana took amazing videos. It displayed a strange monster with huge wings and a long tail. Surprisingly, however, it much resembles the dragon from myths and fairy tales.

Man filmed with quadcopter picturesque local lake and accidentally captured a flying dragon.

When his video hit the net, at the expense of the monster began to ignite heated debate. Some users agree that it really is a dragon, while others believe that the video captures pterodactyl, somebody says that actually it's a kite or a drone. Skeptics are sure that the video is fake.

Cryptozoologists interested in this story. They believe that the depicted situation should be a thorough study to find out-maybe there really is a dragon. Perhaps, once extinct dragons exist, they live in parallel worlds, and sometimes they manage to break into our world.