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The North Korean hackers targeting power plants USA

NEWS PLANET 12.10.2017 at 20:06

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FireEye, which monitors cybersecurity, said that North Korean hackers have decided to withdraw from building the power plant in the USA. This information was secret, but all the same it was allowed to publish.

it is Noted that the hackers decided to gain access to the infrastructure by infecting host computers. The virus was hidden in an ordinary email, at the opening of which was septic.

At the moment there is no information, did the hackers to infect computers. It is believed that the intervention in power plant United States portends a serious cyber attack.

the United States said that North Korea is growing rapidly in terms of cyber-intrusion and can be quite a strong player in this field. There is a real risk of an attack by North Korea on US, since first, the pressure from a fairly developed country — the United States.