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Discrete load management from the elements of TTL and CMOS

Basics of electroacoustics 13.10.2017 at 11:16

Understand the basics of sound reproduction.

Using logic elements TTL and CMOS simply to control devices of the relay type, such as lamps or LEDs, Electromechanical relays, digital indicators, and even commuting the load in AC circuits. The main task is to harmonize the currents and voltages required for the discrete devices, with output parameters of digital circuits. There are three approaches to solving such tasks. The first is the use of IP output stages which are able to give the required signals, for example, to switch a high load current or high voltage. At small currents and voltages, for example, to control the led indicator (Fig.19.8,a) or low-power relay, load is connected directly to the active output.

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