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Steamer the Stainless steel handle hardwood with cover online store for saunas and baths 15.10.2017 at 12:45

To Buy wooden furniture and accessories for Your baths, saunas and garden easier. Turn to the manufacturer. Delivery across Russia.

Wooden steamer with stainless insert – a great addition to any steam room or simply country bath. This simple and very elegant wooden object fits perfectly in any bath decor and will bring a lot of benefits.

Wooden steamer with stainless insert designed for steaming brooms before receiving paired or procedures for transfer and storage of hot or cold water, which can be necessary and useful in the bath conditions.

Stainless steel insert, which was vested in our bath item not simply makes it even more beautiful and graceful, but also prolongs the life of the steamer, at least for a few years.

Overall size: Large steamer: capacity of 20 litres, diameter 340 mm, height 380 mm. Small steamer: Volume 12 liters, diameter 300 mm, height 350 mm.

Material: Basswood, plastic.

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