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Victory over cancer: cutting-edge designs the world's best specialists

The Number of cancer patients is rapidly increasing worldwide. Experts note that this trend, on the one hand, associated with the General aging of the population, on the other hand, is due to genetics, environmental conditions. Although the disease cannot yet be regarded as completely defeated, scientists have made several important steps forward and has already introduced several innovative treatment methods, which greatly increase the chances of patients on long-term remission.

New surgical techniques

the Removal of the cancerous cells surgically and today is the primary method of dealing with the pathology. However, the doctors propose to replace the traditional scalpel and even a laser on something more perfect. One of the new developments – cryosurgical method. Nitrogen in liquid form is supplied to the tumor cells, which instantly kristallizuetsya and die. After that, the body is only to get rid of "biological waste". The main advantage of this method is its noninvasive. Nitrogen practically does not affect healthy tissue, minimizes the risk of infection. The probes do not leave scars after removal of tumors of the internal organs, and surface application of drugs, for example, for cancer of the skin, can significantly speed up the healing of wounds. This method showed the best results in the fight against cancer in the early stages of development, at the same time after the appearance of metastasis, it is ineffective. Also cryosurgery with care used in the treatment of bone cancer, during operations in the genitourinary system as possible of serious damage in the process.

the Cyber-knife is another cutting-edge technology. Precisely directed beam of radiation falls to a given point of the body, namely, in the tumor, while the irradiation is performed at different angles. Under this result, the tumor begins to die and then completely disappears. The main advantage – the complete absence of external damage in patients, as well as the high efficiency of the method. On the 1st and 2nd stage of development of Oncology CyberKnife gives consistently positive results in 98 percent of cases, and this is extremely high. The location of cancer cells, their localization relative to healthy tissues, also no matter what allows to apply the method in the most difficult cases. But the tumor size over 3.5 cm of this therapy is not amenable.

much success in the application of innovative technologies in the treatment of cancer has now reached Israel. The clinic is not just feature all the necessary technical equipment, but also attract the best talent from around the world. Israeli medical centers have also made great strides in the rehabilitation of critically ill patients after the course of therapy.


One of the best products – Leukeran. Its principle of operation is very simple: the tumor just stops to reproduce its own DNA and therefore begins to rapidly die. The drug is very rapidly absorbed into the abnormal cells from the stomach, therefore, begins to act already in the first hours after ingestion. This is a real breakthrough in the treatment of Hodgkin's disease, limfoleikozom and other dire forms of cancer. However, the toxicity of the drug is high, it can irreversibly affect the bone marrow of the patient.

Nivolumab is a new word in the treatment of aggressive cancers that give multiple metastases and require quick and aggressive treatment. For example, melanomas in later stages, aggressive forms of lung cancer are successfully treated today with the use of this drug. Substance makes the cancer cells to divide and thereby kills them.

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