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Psoriasis treatment at the Dead sea: efficiency and methods

Modern medicinal ways to cure psoriasis may not be effective and long-lasting. Person for years on the pill and uses injections which have no effect to get rid of the disease. One of the effective methods is the treatment at the Dead sea. It effectively and comprehensively affects the skin and after a few weeks the person feels a significant improvement in her condition. The composition of the water of the sea is represented by a unique combination of minerals that have beneficial effects on skin and overall health.

the Methods of treatment at the dead sea

Cure for psoriasis includes multiple ways impact on the skin, which together have a pronounced effect:

the use of mud, physiotherapy, balneotherapy and heliotherapy, thalassotherapy application of ointments and gels made on the basis of sea minerals

the Dead sea Water is very rich in salt. Even a simple stay near the water good for the body. Immersion in water done on a regular basis for the doctor-recommended period of time. The doctor monitors the patient even when staying on the beach, because excessive acceptance of sea baths can harm the cardiovascular system. The coastal strip has a rich minerals air, the curative mud, sources, so good even a casual walk.

mud Treatment

the Dirt sea is a sedimentary layer of minerals with a content of biogenic elements and compounds of nitrogen, sulfur, carbon and iron. Dirt in its structure has a greasy grey-black consistency. Extracted the dirt from under the water column where it accumulated useful properties for decades. The usefulness stems from the fact that the composition is not exposed to UV and contains many natural components. Apply the mud by applying on the skin, followed by rinsing in sea water. The person is in the sun, the heat opened the pores and nutrients to penetrate deeply. Thus, aktiviziruyutsya the immune system, improves the function of the hematopoietic system, the skin is renewed faster and there are processes of healing.

the Treatment by immersion in water

the Most effective is dipping directly into the marine water. Mineral-rich salty water has beneficial effects, relieves stress and tension, renews skin cells, rejuvenates the whole body. The person feels improve mood and energized after a dive. Water due to the high salt content keeps the body on the surface. Even not knowing how to swim will be on the surface. The person experiences unusual sensations. The best doctors in Israel recommended to experience a health effect, to apply immersion's strictly designed scheme.

the Effectiveness of UV radiation

On the coast of the Dead sea, the influence on human UV radiation to a narrow range. This is a unique natural phenomenon which is only observed in the area. Treatment sunlight reduces redness and stops for inflammation, reduces itching, normalizes the natural regeneration of the epidermis. Scientists noted that when the distance from the coast the usefulness of solar radiation is reduced. Doctors their patients also be making ultraviolet baths, to depart from which is not recommended. Starts stay in the sun with a small time interval, which increases with each passing day. Before sunbathing, it is recommended that immersion in sea water. The intensity of cure is quite high and prolonged sunbathing can cause skin damage.

After taking a UV bath is recommended to undergo the process of applying mud to the affected areas of the skin. Doctors clinics recommend applying a healing composition of the dirt on the whole body, including the hair part. Washing can be produced in sea water or medicinal source.


In the composition of medical measures compulsory a casual walk along the coast. This is because the air the Dead sea is also very useful for the skin and entire body. In the process of evaporation of sea water in the air comes a lot of mineral substances through the respiratory tract into the human body. The overall impact of vozduhotehnika on the body: increased immunity, relaxation of the body, the skin and tissues of the internal organs. It is noteworthy that the Dead sea almost completely lacking any vegetation. This is especially valuable for people who are prone to allergic reactions. Very often it is an Allergy aggravates the psoriasis and prevents recovery. On the coast eliminated this factor, and the recovery occurs faster.