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Scientists have found that human consciousness after death into another Universe

NEWS PLANET 18.10.2017 at 19:29

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Scientists again began to worry the question: what actually happens to people after death? Based on quantum theory, scientists have learned that human consciousness finds himself in a completely different Universe.

About this new theory stated by the scientists-the supporters of biocentrism. They believe that the mind existed before matter. This means that not the universe created life, life created the Universe.

Scientists say that everything that surrounds us is configured for life and time and space are only instruments for perception of the Universe.

Experts believe that death is a relative term. In fact, it itself is not. But life on Earth is just a Union of body and mind. When the physical form dies, the consciousness goes to a Universe where there is neither time nor space. Such Universes can be many, and the consciousness can quite happily move between them.