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Candidate to the Congress of the United States told the story of how he was abducted by aliens

NEWS PLANET 19.10.2017 at 11:34

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Bettina Rodriguez Agelena, which is candidates to the Congress of the United States, told journalists at the same time frightening and fascinating history. She immediately said that he believes in extraterrestrial civilization, like many politicians of our time.

So, once for five year old girl's three aliens and invited to attend their flying ship. Agelena agreed to go on the so-called tour, arranged two alien men and a woman.

the Aliens meant no harm, says the politician. On the contrary, they even told the woman important information. For example, the energy center of the Earth is in Africa, but the main ornament of the city in reality is an Egyptian pyramid.

it Should be noted that Agelena not the only politicians that spoke about contact with aliens. Perhaps extraterrestrials really exist.