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Reform of procedural legislation of the Russian Federation

Legal aid 19.10.2017 at 14:06

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The Supreme court of the Russian Federation proposed a reform of the procedural legislation of the Russian Federation. So, in part will be introduced in the CCP, APC RF concerning higher legal education of representatives of the parties in the process. The Supreme court of the Russian Federation proposed a Draft Federal law "On amendments to the tax code of the Russian Federation", which can be increased the size of the state duty for filing appeals and cassation complaints, but the project has not been discussed at the meeting of the Plenum of the Supreme court. Also, the draft Federal law is expected to make changes to the civil procedure code of the Russian Federation to the notice of the persons participating in the case. By analogy with the arbitration process, the agenda will be sent only once. In the case of the transfer of the trial, the parties themselves will be required to track the date and time of the hearing on the official website of the court. The project of the Federal law by analogy with the arbitration process, the parties to a civil process will be required to send each other copies of the pleadings and documents annexed. The draft Federal law is scheduled to release judges from the responsibilities for the drafting of a reasoned decision. The reasoned decision of the judge will be required to be only at the request of stakeholders, and also if it is a socially important character. The draft Federal law it is planned to exclude the possibility to establish contractual jurisdiction between the parties. An exception will be made for foreign individuals involved in civil matters. Thus, it is planned to radically reform the procedural legislation of the Russian Federation.

the Supreme court of the Russian Federation the Draft Federal constitutional law "On amending Federal constitutional laws in connection with the establishment of appeal courts of General jurisdiction and appellate courts of General jurisdiction" is planned to establish 5 courts of appeal of General jurisdiction and appeal courts of General 9 jurisdiction. Reforming the system of court that would reverse judicial acts, first of all, allows you to distribute the workload of judges in the regions of our country. In connection with the adoption of the Draft constitutional law will be changed the powers of the regional court and court equal to it, and will change the powers of the Presidium of the regional court. Project FKZ functions of the Bureau will be transferred to the cassation courts of General jurisdiction. In turn, the Presidium of the regional and equal to it the court will only solve organizational matters of the court concerned. The courts of appeal and cassation courts of General jurisdiction will operate in Bureau and judicial Board (judicial Board on civil cases, judicial Board on criminal courts, judicial Board on administrative cases, judicial Board on military cases). The judicial Board will be chaired by the Chairman of the judicial Board. Thus, it is planned to reform the system of courts of General jurisdiction that would reverse judicial acts.