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"Investors in mutual Funds have become more cautious" interview 18.10.2017 at 21:00

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Total assets of open-end mutual funds (mutual Funds) approaching the 200 billion rubles. From the beginning, the citizens invested in them nearly 60 billion Why mutual Funds have again started to be popular and what funds choose the Russians? Is it possible to become an investor with a thousand rubles in his pocket?

— Market mutual funds shows a steady increase in the last two years. The inflow of customer deposits stable, we note with optimism that every month. In October, the market open-end mutual funds exceeded growth in half compared to the beginning of the year, underscoring the stability of the positive General trend. After several years of crisis the industry of collective investment is restored again.

— is it Possible to compare the mutual Funds market, an increase of funds in individual trust management?

— the Number of new shareholders are growing much faster than the number of customers that shape an individual's investment portfolio. This is, firstly, due to the low entry threshold in order to by a Pai enough thousand. The majority of shareholders are people who invest from 10 to 50 thousand rubles. And second, mutual Funds have become in demand and wealthy clients. For example, among our investors already there are those who have invested in the funds from a few to tens of millions of rubles.

the market has clearly been affected by the creation of new sales channels. People feel more comfortable investing in mutual Funds: do not have to go to the Bank or the management company can simply buy shares through the Internet. There are new agents on attraction of means in funds. For example, Internet sites where information on financial products and services and to acquire them.


— How a significant proportion of those who buy the mutual Funds online?

Here we repeat a way passed by the industry of collective investments in the West. There in the first few years, the share of online sales does not exceed 20%. We are now somewhere in the 15-17%, but there is dynamic growth. Any changes that simplify the purchase or sale of investment unit, immediately lead to rapid growth in the number of clients that come through the Internet. And the most pleasant for us that is the people before, we just could not "get". Because a client with several thousand rubles in his pocket will not go specifically to the Bank to buy mutual funds.

— When Russia began to appear mutual funds, citizens are very actively invested in the action, trying to earn more. Have changed now if the preferences of investors?

— Yes, buyers of units of mutual Funds become more cautious, choose the most conservative strategy. They are robotvision to create a diversified portfolio of investments. And most importantly — they no longer have high expectations that they will quickly get some fabulous profits. Over 80% of the inflow of money into our bond funds. And this tendency is typical for the entire market.

— what kind of yield can they get? Some experts there is an expectation that bond yields will fall behind the rate of the Central Bank...

— when compared with the profitability of deposits, which is now somewhere at the level of 6-7% per annum, and the banks are offering even lower rates, investments in bonds look attractive. From the beginning, the funds that invest in debt instruments showed a yield of about 12-14% per annum. And it's your day to take their money out of the Fund.

We believe that bonds still have potential growth. Macroeconomic indicators indicate that for Russia, the situation is improving: oil prices are higher than expected, retained a good balance of trade, there are favorable forecasts of the IMF. Of course, never tire of repeating that past performance does not guarantee future results.

— Should investors pay attention to stock funds, or it is better to choose less risky investment?

— I Think that is interesting for investors can be equity Funds that focus on large companies that pay high dividends. In addition, a good yield now, show funds that invest in the technology sector. And not only Russian representatives, such as "Yandex", but in the world of giants Google or Apple. The shares of these companies is, in the structure of our investment funds.

But from the point of view of sales is a drop in the sea. It should be: investors need to start with a more reliable, conservative, transparent tools to try and understand how it works and what the yield you can earn.

— we are Talking only about blue chips or are there mutual Funds that offer earn, for example, growth in emerging markets?

— At different times, we bought a paper Turkey in the composition of the portfolios, you can find Brazilian and even African issuers. We bought these securities, if they were of interest to our customers. But that's more history related to the area of individual asset management... even had clients whose portfolios were government bonds of the Kingdom of Bahrain.


— You mentioned that investing in mutual funds even if you have a thousand rubles. But as in this case, the shareholder will pay? After all, unlike banks, management companies charge a fee with clients. Are there penalties for "early withdrawal" from a mutual Fund?

— of Course, there is a system of commissions. If you buy a pie through an agent, you pay him for services. In addition, all control take the management fee in the amount of 1-3% of the Fund's assets — management fee. It is a worldwide practice. Plus may incur a surcharge for the purchase of shares and a discount when selling. Bond funds are more profitable for the client, Commission and management fee there is lower — at the level of 1-1. 5% of assets per year.

will I Have to pay when buying a share depends on the amount you are willing to invest. If it is about 100 thousand rubles and more, then usually the management companies do not charge a Commission. In turn, the discount at the sale of shares encourages customers to speculate about them. If you have the money for a month or two weeks, then Bang — it's not really for you because a high risk not to meet expectations on such a short horizon. Any Manager will tell you that the money you have to invest at least a year, preferably two or three. In this case, you can get the highest return. Usually if you invest in mutual funds for at least a year, managers do not charge a fee when selling shares. That is to invest in mutual funds better for a few years, and a lump sum of 100 thousand rubles. Or substantially smaller amounts, but regularly.

— That is, those who are not ready to trust the Manager a few hundred thousand, it is better to open a Deposit?

— the best strategy is to buy shares regularly, gradually increasing its share in the mutual Fund for the long term. For example, if you invest in a bond Fund at 5-10 thousand rubles a month, then after a few years your account would be a solid amount. Customers who act that way are becoming increasingly common. Therefore, we have introduced a top-up when credit card, payroll account automatically receives a certain amount for investing in mutual funds. The average monthly payment for our clients in the context of this service — 5,1 thousand rubles.

— is it Possible to expect that the current positive trend in the mutual Funds market will be sustainable?

— the stock market is always possible to find attractive investment ideas, and managing companies, in turn, are working every day on new simple, convenient and high-quality products and technologies. All this does not go unnoticed by the already existing and potential clients managers. And so, all the necessary ingredients for continued growth of the industry of collective investments we have.

Interviewed albert KOSHKAROV,