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Overwhelming scientific proof that flu shots weaken the immune system for a year

NEWS PLANET 20.10.2017 at 19:03

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Experts from the medical center of the Wexner of Ohio state University in the course of the experiment found that vaccinations do not help to cope with the disease, and, conversely, more harmful. The study was conducted on women after vaccination in all volunteers observed a weakened immune system for an entire year, according to Infomaks.

at school we all know that vaccination is the key to health, but in reality it was not so. Just manufacturers of the vaccines themselves and their cronies came up with the myth that to this day brings them good money.

If the person who made the vaccine, suddenly got sick, he thinks that not enough protection. In the end, after time makes another vaccination. It is a whole system, the essence of which is one — to earn more money.

Thus, vaccinations do not enhance immunity, on the contrary, reduce it. We recommend strongly considering a vaccination, and more to stock up on quality medicines, including folk remedies.