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The Pentagon calls for service 1000 pilots, retired

NEWS PLANET 21.10.2017 at 17:20

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Yesterday, 20 Oct, Donald trump signed a document requiring thousands of pilots retired to go into service in the army. The order gives officials the right to demand from former pilots again to serve, according to Infomaks.

According to the current legislation of the United States of America to call for service pensioners only in exceptional cases, however, the new document supersedes those provisions. Apparently, there's a good reason.

the last time the call of the military, retired, was in 2001, when the United States began full-scale war against terrorism.

the Politician, Gary Ross said: "the Secretary of defense shall transmit, force powers, so they started to call for service approximately one thousand pilots. The service itself will last three years."

Some experts say that the document is not specific, that is to get to serve somebody in the future. Also they say that 1000 pilots is quite a lot. Perhaps, the United States plans to start full-scale war.