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The night sky of North Carolina was rocked by another strange explosion

NEWS PLANET 22.10.2017 at 10:19

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Anxious residents of North Carolina newly reported about a mysterious explosion in the night, what began to wobble home.

became known from the public, the explosion took place on October 18 between Southport and oak island. Such an explosion has happened before: October 7, rumble in the sky shook the houses near Southport.

the Origin of these sounds is unknown. Witnesses of the incident thought that the source of the noise – it is naval base Sunny Point, a military base said that at that time there was no testing.

As it turned out at the military base Camp Lejeunev, which is located 85 miles from the scene at this time was conducted artillery fire.

However, they cannot be a source of noise, as the roar was single and incredibly strong, while artillery fire would hear the repetitive sounds of the shots.

“It was like a wave of overpressure, wrote on Twitter That Miller of St. James, Our sliding door was so bent, almost broken.”

Another local resident, compares the roar from fallen on the roof of a huge tree.

the vibration of the explosion went on for miles. In this regard, the municipality released an urgent press release asking people to find "the source of the sound. The same roar that night also occurred in the Australian Cairns.