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China: best tourist destinations

Window to Europe. Travel and tourism 24.10.2017 at 21:30

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The Tourism industry in modern China is developing very rapidly – expanding network of public catering establishments of the European type European style kitchen, invest in the development of beach resorts, to open many new tourist routes. However, according to those who have repeatedly visited this beautiful and ancient country, there are three tourist routes that will never lose its relevance.

Route # 1: the Great wall of China – the subject of national identity

In whatever part of China you spent your vacation, to say that you were in China, not joining a tour to the great wall of China, can not afford any tourist.

This historical monumental complex is not an example of unique architecture and does not contain any unique items. However, being the longest structure built by people, it fully demonstrates the amazing national culture of the Chinese people, their endless capacity for work and cohesion, ability to change the world by itself, and to withstand external factors that can change the culture and mentality of the nation.

that's why Great wall has become a tool of national identity in China, and will always remain not only the most grandiose construction on the Earth, but also the most visited architectural monument of China.

Route 2: Beijing

to Go to China and not visit Beijing with its unique cultural heritage and the plague is not possible.

It was in Beijing offers a host of attractions that demonstrate the unique culture of ancient China, discover the secrets of one of the world's oldest civilizations – East.

the Most striking sights of Beijing – the Palace of the Emperor, Guzun (Forbidden city), summer Palace (Imperial garden), the Temple of heaven – a unique structure, which combines elements of monchegorskoe, Tibetan and Chinese architectural styles, and became a symbol of unity of different schools of Buddhism.

Route # 3: Tibet

the Mecca of China – Tibet! For a long time it was closed to travelers and tourists, but today you can see firsthand the pristine beauty of Tibet, a fabulous high altitude, which became the cradle and the temple of Buddhism, Buddhist philosophy, and Chinese culture.

the Architectural masterpieces of Tibet – the Potala Palace, the monasteries Drepung and Sera, Jokhang temple, cave Drak Yerpa monastery is not only the national treasure of China, and became the only place where you can see unique artifacts, witnesses of the origin of the most mysterious civilizations on earth.